Thursday, February 17, 2011

JD's Newest Hangout

If you have children you know that they are always finding new places to hide, JD is no exception. He has loved to hide behind Isaac's chair, the bathroom and his newest place... drum roll... ...
Rae's bed! video on my facebook He can climb up on it, the better news is that he can get down! 

I wasn't able to get the MP3 player book thing I wanted for JD, it was a Thomas & Friends one I had seen before Christmas. Rae has a Dora one that JD loves and he loves Thomas so it would have been perfect. I sent Isaac to get an Elmo one, he called and said they had a Cars one. So this is what he got:

I think that is all for now. Isaac and I are going to spend some time together before he has to leave for work.

The Woodward Family

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