Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where Does Time Go

It really is an honest question. And my answer is I have no idea. Things have been so busy since Christmas and I think it is partly because we have been so sick. I've had some sort of sickness since Thanksgiving mostly just colds but I did get the stomach bug and the kids have each had a bug and a bad cold since before Christmas. Its been rough. I wanted to get online and update because it was a year ago that I went into the doctors office hoping he would tell me to head over to the hospital that they would induce me then. Well, what happened I think was even better just because I got to plan a little more. He told me I was at 5cm and the next time he would be on would be Monday, so if I was still pregnant which most people wouldn't be but because of this pregnancy it wouldn't surprise him he would induce me. There were a couple of reasons this was nice. We got to go out Saturday night and get some last minute things although I had some strong contractions and probably should have gone in and my mom and sister were able to come down. My mom to watch Rae and my sister to be there when the baby JD was born. So right now I am thinking about the last few days of being pregnant. Because of the events that surrounded it they are pretty burned into my memory. Including stupid people saying things like "of course he wants to induce its what is convenient for him" Two things saying this proved to me. 1- People don't know how things work now. Any doctor could be on at any time, it isn't about YOUR doctor so much. 2- they didn't know my story. It was what was convenient for me too. I am not a fan of induction. In fact just 3 weeks before that another doctor was talking about it and I wanted nothing to do with it. But by almost 39 weeks I just wanted to be done. I didn't want to see how long I could go. Although as I write this I am starting to wonder, but over all I am happy with my chose. JD was born at 8 lbs 9 oz at 39 weeks 1 day. I don't think I wanted to go to 40 weeks. I mean, he practically fell out when I had him lol but I still don't want to know what it would have been like to deliver a 9.5 lb baby. Thank you lol 

Rae wants to eat a Popsicle with me so I have to get going. I think by his 1st birthday probably on I will post his birth story finally lol

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