Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We're Moving!!

I went to look at an apartment today. The bedrooms are a little smaller than what we have here but we aren't planning on unpacking everything once we move. Plus a lot of the stuff we have stored under beds and cribs is baby toys that we don't need anymore. Plus we are getting rid of the red couch :( which is kind of sad. We are going to miss it. But it is getting old it is old already, it was when Isaac got it lol but it looks like the couch in the basement of That 70s Show and it is comfy. Its mostly the bedrooms that are smaller. The larger of the two is smaller than the kids room here, but we are going to make it work. It is $1000 a month heat/hot water included. So the only thing we have to pay for is electricity it does have an electric oven, which I am not a fan. But the price is great. It has a stacking washer and dryer, but no dishwasher. I'd rather have the washer/dryer than a dishwasher... although I would love to have both lol.
I have to go to bed, I haven't been getting much sleep recently I am not sure why, I just haven't plus we have a busy week and a half ahead of us. We move on the 27! CRAZY!! Its exciting but bittersweet too. It just happened so quick!

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