Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Shopping Trip

So a couple months back I can't believe it has been that long I went up to Kittery, ME with some friends to the outlets. A few days before that my MIL asked us what we wanted for our birthdays. So when I got home Isaac and I were talking and realized that what we really need is new clothes. We haven't replaced much since we got married and the little that we have gotten from other people hasn't lasted Isaac's pants in particular. So we decided to ask Isaac's parents if they would like to spend the day, just them and us, and buy us some clothes. I realized a couple days later that we have never spent time just the four of us. When Isaac and I got married Paul and Patricia were 14 and 16 respectively and therefore at least one of them was always around. Two years later they were still young and we had our kiddos, so there has always been something around. I think this was part of the problem.
We all had such a good time. Isaac and I made out like bandits. My MIL called later and thanked us for the wonderful day. My FIL said we should do something like this again next month. It would be interesting if we spent time just the four of us every month, Isaac and I don't even get that. lol But I think every couple months this would be good, and at least once a month with the kids or whoever is around since Patricia is still at home will be fine. I think we just needed to ease back in and I hope things continue on this pattern.
Something else that happened this weekend was Friday. My parents watched the kids on Saturday but so we wouldn't backtrack bring them to my parents and have to travel so far to ME going by our place Isaac brought them up Friday night and went to work from there. So from about 3pm on Friday till 6am on Saturday I was 100% alone. Something that hasn't happened in over 3 years 3.5 to be more exact, because it wasn't just our kids. It was nice.

I think that is all for now. I hope it makes sense because I have two kids trying to get my attention :) Maybe next time I will add some pics... We shall see :)

The Woodward Family

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