Monday, March 3, 2008

March 2, 3, 4...


Well it seems like yesterday that we were excited to dress RuthAnne up and watch the Pats crush the Giants. Well the month, just like the Super Bowl was full of surprises. Starting the month off with the Pats losing was rather sad, but some fun stuff has been happening. Super Bowl Sunday was a very busy day. That weekend we realized that RuthAnne must be teething. She had been drooling like crazy for a while and Sunday she started wanting to bite onto things instead of suck. She watched some of the beginning of the game but then started to get fussy so I started to get her ready for bed. Well she started SCREAMING. Finally I got her to gnaw on my finger and then was able to get her to teeth on the pacifier. She fell asleep around 8pm and we had already decided that we wouldn't try to give her another bottle because coming home and feeding her would be too difficult, unless when we got home she was hungry. Well she stirred a little when we put her in the car seat, and then when we got home, but she slept till 7am, and she has ever since. This week she has been stirring around 4 or 5am but after a diaper change she falls right back asleep. I would have attached the pictures of her in her cheerleader outfit but my father-in-law took it upon himself to do it for me. But if you didn't see them and would like to let me know... she is wicked cute.
We started feeding RuthAnne her pill for her hypothyroidism with some applesauce. It is much easier, if it drips out we just put it back in, instead of trying to catch water coming out of her mouth. We go back to the endocrinologist sometime this month, so next month we shall tell you how she is doing.
RuthAnne is just over 3 months old. She found her hands. That has been fun. She looks at them and then hits herself in the nose. She has also found that she likes it when you sit her up. She was making funny faces and I couldn't figure out why, then I was holding her and realized that she was trying to sit up. She has yet to succeed, and she still can't sit on her own if you put her there, but she sure is trying. When we put her on her tummy she still rolls over, unless her focus is more on trying to crawl, which is usually the case.
I have started back to work. Its been okay. I was a little worried about my first week back at 27 hours (I was thinking more like 15-20) but it was okay. Since then I have been down to 20, which is what I figured was going to happen. It has almost been a stress reliever to get out of the apartment. Isaac likes it because he takes care of RuthAnne when I am at work. I usually work evenings so he either feeds her once or twice, gives her a bath, reads to her and tucks her into bed. She has moved beyond the bassinet and to her crib, she was getting too long for the bassinet. (that also happened in the first weekend in February) We figure she is weighs about 13 pounds now, give or take, because this is the weigh Isaac-with-her, and then weigh Isaac, method. She is full of smiles and things to 'say'. So yeah, work has been interesting, but pretty good. I still kinda wish I didn't have to, but its better than I thought.
We went to visit my parents a couple of weeks ago and went to church in my hometown. This is the church that my parents were married in, almost 28 years ago. The service was good and it was nice to surprise my great aunt.
Isaac had his first of two readings weeks this semester and had been working very hard on his studies. He has been having a hard time trying to balance work, sleep and school, but he is adjusting.

Still running Patricia to classes, Isaac is still in school and working, I have gone back to work... so basically the only major changes are happening in our life involve RuthAnne's, making our lives more interesting. :)

(The attachments are the most recent pictures we have. One of her pushing up with her arms, which she has done practically since she came home from the hospital, and then the other just of her beautiful face)

I think that is just about everything, but I bet I forgot something.

Hope things with you and yours are going well, we would love to hear from you.

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